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Since moving to Canada, I have been lucky enough to join the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s British Columbia newsroom in Vancouver, as a Casual Web Writer, backfilling for absent staff members.

The team is small, so I am usually there by myself or with one other person, with the responsibility of producing the CBC’s British Columbia news website, seven days a week.

In liaison with our news directors, my fellow web writers and our web video editor, I write, vet and publish news stories for the website and occasionally vet work by other web writers for the CBC’s other news sites across Canada.

This not only involves writing and editing copy, headlines and decks – I also produce picture galleries, cut news clips and create maps for use in stories, as well as updating the online news ticker and managing the Scribblelive Twitter feed on the website’s front page.

The stories I write are sourced from a variety of newswires, such as The Canadian Press, and from the investigative work of CBC’s radio and television news reporters.

You can see links to all my CBC articles here – they cover all aspects of life in British Columbia, including animal protection, healthcare, energy policy, hunting and the environment.

Since joining the CBC, I have been tasked with writing about everything from small, local incidents like a search for missing skiers in the Kootenays, to more high profile stories such as the controversy surrounding Enbridge‘s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

I have also been called upon to translate copy produced by the newsroom’s francophone writers and web coders from French into English, for a special report on the baby boomer generation.

Working at the CBC has been the best way I can think of to learn about life in British Columbia and Canada and I hope to continue working with them for the extent of my stay in Vancouver.

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