On the way to Norvan Falls

A quick guide to Norvan Falls trail in North Vancouver

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Now that snowboarding season is over here in Vancouver, I’ve been feeling at a bit of a loss for weekend activities and adrenaline rushes.

A hike might not be the biggest adrenaline rush, but it is a great way to get out of the city, get some fresh air and do some exercise.

So this weekend, we went on two hikes in and around Vancouver, including one to Norvan Falls in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park on the North Shore.

Along with a couple of friends, we followed the 14km route provided at Vancouver Trails, which is swiftly becoming one of my favourite websites.

On the day, we had great sunny weather and not too much mud underfoot, as we clambered over streams and picked our way through tree roots and rubble on  trails.

The hike difficulty is classed as “Intermediate” on Vancouver Trails, and it’s not for those just out for a local stroll, as there is some up and down and the trails often involve crossing running waters and dried up river beds. Hiking boots rather than trainers are best!

But the round trip only took us about five hours in total, and we had time to stop for a yummy picnic once we reached the falls, which are a lovely spot to bask in the sun for a while.

Overall a highly recommended day out and easily accessible by public transport – which means you can even finish up with a pub lunch on your way back through Lonsdale Quay afterwards!

Here are some shots of the trail to give you an idea of what to expect.

On the way to Norvan Falls

On the way to Norvan Falls
Norvan Falls, Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

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