I redesigned my website – achievement unlocked!

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Greetings all!

How great does my new website look? I just redesigned the entire site, wrote a whole ton of new content, and I’m super happy with the results!

For anyone interested in the technicalities, as usual, I used the X Theme, but this time I freshened up the design by switching to the Integrity stack.

The X Theme allows you to easily switch to a completely different look and enables almost endless customization, so it’s perfect for me. (I do love to tinker with code.)

The reason for all this effort? More than a year ago, I started my own writing business and relied on my LinkedIn profile to do the talking for me.

I had a vision for updating my website, but it was going to be such a huge change, I couldn’t face it on top of all my writing work.

Of course, my abandoned website got hacked via the Yuzo Related Posts vulnerability, and then cleanup, not redesign, became my priority.

Push finally came to shove when my web hosting company and domain name registrar announced they were shutting down. I had to act quickly.

So I took some time off, found a new provider, ported everything over following these amazing instructions, and finally did the redesign I’d imagined.

I wrote all the text and sourced images from Pixabay, Pexels, Adobe Stock, and my own collection. Thank you to everyone whose recommendations are featured!

Now my new site properly explains all the writing, mentoring, and advocacy services I offer, as well as showcasing my portfolio and other thoughts.

It also introduces my ambition to build a career writing children’s books, which is kind of crucial as I’m about to start querying agents.

Plus I’ve managed to sneak in a little something about travel, cheese, and running, just because they are awesome.

Anyway, I hope you like the new website. It definitely feels good to have it finished. Any questions, see my Contact page!


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