I jumped off the high dive and sent my first query email

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Today was a big day. I sent my first ever query email to a publishing agent, along with a manuscript of my children’s book.

Truly, I was extremely nervous beforehand. Even though I knew I had done my best with the email and book, I still hesitated.

I felt serious butterflies in my stomach. As my finger hovered over the “Send” icon, it felt like I was stood on a diving board, too scared to jump in.

Then I remembered one of my favourite short films, Ten Meter Tower, made by Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson.

They documented real people stood on the 10-metre diving platform at a swimming pool, trying to decide whether to jump off.

Sometimes participants are with friends, and you hear their hesitant conversation. Sometimes they are alone, and their unpredictable actions tell the story.

Not everyone makes the jump. Some change their minds halfway through. But it is fascinating watching them try to reach a decision.

Perhaps, I thought, it could give me the push I needed to jump myself. So I opened up the video in another tab and started watching it again.

I watched as a young guy stood at the edge, overwhelmed by the decision.

I watched as he announced he would take the leap, but got too nervous.

I watched as he stood frozen to the spot, transfixed by the possibility.

Then I watched as he finally jumped, screaming, into the pool below.

And it worked.

Quickly, I flipped tabs back to my email, and before I could lose my nerve, I hit send. I did it!

If you need some inspiration to jump off your own deep end, here’s the full short film:

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