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Discovering the mysterious power of hula hooping

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Every week, I leave my weekly hula hooping class glowing with self belief and positivity. As I write this, I’m sitting on the train, smiling inanely at passengers who, even in London, stare confused at me and my glow-in-the-dark hoop. I love the sensation it gives me but am at a total loss to explain it.

My hooping teacher believes it is very empowering – it’s just you and the hoop, so it’s a chance for you to take control and gain mental and physical confidence.

She recently remarked that people often begin hooping after the break-up of a long-term relationship, as they rediscover their individuality and start to focus on themselves again.

That wasn’t the case for me – I’m still in my long term relationship – but when I started hooping, it was because I was looking for something I could call my own and pursue completely selfishly.

I’m not alone in feeling so great about it either. One of our newer hoopers told me it makes her feel “just totally uplifted”. She can’t explain why but like me, is completely hooked.

Hooping does give me the uplift and self confidence that comes from forging my own path. It also gives me a constant sense of achievement, as I master a new trick or move almost every week.

But more than this, hula hooping is just good, plain fun.

I am terrible at putting chores aside in favour of frivolity, but hooping allows me to do this. When I pick up a hoop, I have no choice but to abandon myself to having fun, spinning myself giddy and dancing as if no one can see me.

And once a week, no one can see me. At the end of class, we turn off all the lights, crank up the music and hoop in the darkness – and all anyone can see is the glow emanating from my spinning hoop and me.

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