How do you peel chorizo? (Jenni Sheppard)

How to peel chorizo sausage skin

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Cooking with chorizo feels so luxurious – and it’s definitely delicious – but how do you peel chorizo?

The idea of peeling the skin off spicy Spanish sausage never occurred to me until last week, when I was following a recipe for red lentil and chorizo soup, from the BBC Good Food website.

Apparently, I had to peel chorizo before chopping it up and frying it. It was a painstaking process as I tried to peel the thin skin off the chorizo, little by little.

As it turned out, peeling the chorizo was totally worth it, as I effectively ended up with chorizo croutons on top of a scrumptious soup.

But, I thought, there must be a better way to peel chorizo…And there is!

This revelation came to me this weekend, as I tried to peel chorizo to put in a quick tomato pasta. Hopefully it will help you out.

(Although, if you need your sausage to remain intact, I’m afraid you’ll have to peel chorizo from the outside by hand. Believe me, I tried a potato peeler and it didn’t work.)

Anyway, here’s how to peel chorizo for chopping in just a couple of minutes:

1) Slice down the middle

Be careful not to cut all the way through the chorizo though, you need the skin intact.


How do you peel chorizo? (Jenni Sheppard)

Slice down the middle of the chorizo sausage (Jenni Sheppard)

How do you peel chorizo? (Jenni Sheppard)

The chorizo sausage split in half.

2) Push the chorizo meat off the skin

Mmmm fat globules. Don’t they look delicious?

How do you peel chorizo? (Jenni Sheppard)

Push the chorizo meat off the skin. (Jenni Sheppard)

3) Pick off any chorizo meat left

I dare you not to eat those tantalizing titbits.

How do you peel chorizo? (Jenni Sheppard)

Chorizo skin and chorizo sausage meat, ready to go! (Jenni Sheppard)

And you’re ready to go! Now you know how to peel chorizo, I highly recommend you make that red lentil and chorizo soup, which was damn tasty!

Was this helpful? I want your feedback/chorizo recipes/other cooking tricks. Let me know in the comments below!


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