Best Nachos In Vancouver (at Salsa and Agave)

I love nachos. I also love writing about them.

My love of nachos is really a love of Mexican food, which I developed living on an isolated Oaxacan beach, working at a turtle conservation camp in 2002. All the other volunteers at the camp were Mexican and we took turns cooking meals for the group with our basic rations.

I had to learn about Mexican cuisine pretty quickly, and I fell in love with it. We would make sopes, chilaquiles, quesadillas, huevos Mexicanos… and of course, guacamole, all from scratch. At one point, we didn’t have any rations left, so we cooked the cactus growing on the beach. We also drank a lot of mezcal!

You can find all my nacho writings at Best Nachos In Vancouver, where I charted my quest for the best tortillas in town until 2016. I was also featured in Vancity Buzz.


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