Jenni Sheppard

I’m a writer, traveller, snowboarder, film fan, feminist, curler, cheesemaker, hiker, and geek. I’m also a Senior Staff Writer at Daily Hive, a pretty damn cool news website here in Canada. If you’re curious, here’s a link to check it out:

In the meantime, here are 10 more things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I grew up in the UK, in Bournville, where Cadbury’s chocolate was invented (we actually did get free chocolate at school)
  2. I did not get on a plane until I was 16, when I went on holiday to Jersey with my Nan
  3. Since then, I have travelled in 40+ countries and lived in seven (UK, Spain, Mexico, Togo, Slovenia, Belgium and Canada)
  4. I studied French, Spanish and Slovene at university (and have dabbled in Serbian, German and Portuguese)
  5. I have worked for the EU, BBC and CBC (I’m collecting acronyms, so if you feel the urge to acronymize, I’m all yours)
  6. I have a Blue Peter badge for being part of a mass hula hooping world record
  7. I moved to Vancouver in 2011 for high adventure (and stayed because it is awesome!)
  8. I have a Paddle Canada Level 1 certificate from Deep Cove Kayaking Club
  9. I make my own cheese and age it in a wine fridge I turned into a cheese cave
  10. Favourite colour? Plaid.

When I’m not snowboarding, I’m trying to meet my professional goals – writing compelling news stories, interviewing fascinating people and being a general geek.

Here are some recommendations from my former colleagues at the CBC and BBC c/o LinkedIn:


Natalie Clancy
Investigative Reporter –, CBC Radio & CBC TV
Jenni Sheppard is a digital storytelling genius. Over the past few years she has mentored me and taught me so much about how to build a story so readers will be engaged until the end. She is a sharp journalist with a decisive nose for a good story. She makes every story she touches better. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about this talented woman.

Kirk Williams
Previously Reporter/Editor at CBC, now Director, Media Relations & Communications at Pace Group
Jenni sits beside me in our newsroom so I have a unique perspective on her performance. I can tell you she is the epitome of patience and grace as deadlines, questions and streams of copy come under her scrutiny. She is, at all times, calm, smart and professional. She is an asset to CBC Vancouver’s online team.

Paisley Woodward
Producer at CBC/Radio-Canada
Jennifer Sheppard is an excellent writer and journalist. She thinks ahead, foresees issues and problems and heads them off. She catches errors, digs deeper, gets to the heart of the story and the journalistic issue involved.  She is so easy to work with, always makes you feel good, is very respectful. She is very advanced in her understanding of digital media. Never makes luddites feel stupid though. She is a leader, and is meant to lead a digital network. (Among her many abilities.) I can’t recommend her highly enough. One of those people who is incredibly smart and knowledgeable, but never makes others around them – who are not at her level – feel stupid. The opposite. So respectful and acknowledging of others abilities. She is a natural leader.

Renee Filippone
Senior Business Reporter with CBC News
When it comes to a colleague, Jenni is the package deal. She works hard and is efficient, both very important qualities in daily news. More than that she brings a sense of creativity to her work and is constantly thinking outside the box. This is a very important skill when it comes to the changing media landscape, and how journalists will deliver the news going forward. Plus her personality brings a fun energy and positive vibe to the workplace.


Carley Bowman
Digital content creator, consultant and strategist
Jenni is a talented journalist who has good news judgement and editing skills. She has a great interest and flare for online news and the use of social media in telling a story. She has an eye for pictures and consistently produced work of a high quality. She was always reliable, got on well with the rest of the team and was full of ideas.

Matthew Eltringham
Editor, BBC College of Journalism website and events
Jenni was a creative, hard working and loyal member of the UGC Hub. She has substantial expertise in social media and showed good judgement and attention to detail in her work. She was a constant source of new ideas and her delivery of them was always impeccable. She showed initiative, good humour and intelligence in her work. I can recommend her without hesitation.

For more recommendations and a detailed breakdown of my career history, check my LinkedIn page.