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101 things in 1,001 days

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In my previous post, Time for a change, I explained my decision to refocus my life and embark on a new adventure, trying to achieve some of my life goals which have fallen by the wayside over the years.

What I didn’t mention is (if you know me at all, this will come as no surprise) I am ruthlessly organized and I love making travel itineraries. So looking on this as a new journey, where am I going?

A few years ago, a friend of mine decided to make a list of goals and see how many he could achieve. To be precise, 101 things in 1,001 days.

Now, I’m not sure he has managed to achieve everything on that list. But it was a great motivator and a clear statement of intent I always admired.

So here’s my itinerary (I’ll cross them off as I  achieve them!):

  1. Write more openly
  2. Blog more frequently
  3. Write about equality
  4. Write about Vancouver
  5. Learn to do first aid
  6. Learn to drive
  7. Go to Alaska
  8. Go back to Africa
  9. Start a podcast
  10. Write a children’s book
  11. Go to Yukon
  12. Learn to scuba dive
  13. Enter the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest
  14. Learn to massage
  15. Speak to my friends and family more
  16. Get control of my emails
  17. Learn to play the guitar
  18. Read more books
  19. Make a short film
  20. Get a Canadian passport
  21. Get published in the Guardian
  22. Go to Antarctica
  23. Travel in South America
  24. Hike across Baffin Island
  25. Watch more movies
  26. Buy a home in Vancouver
  27. Brew my own beer
  28. Run a marathon
  29. Kayak in Haida Gwaii
  30. Make marmalade
  31. See the Northern Lights
  32. Learn Turkish
  33. Give back to the community
  34. Pay off my student loan
  35. Swim with sharks
  36. Blog about nachos more regularly
  37. Learn some terrain park snowboarding
  38. Go to Hawaii
  39. Go on a horse trek
  40. Write more about movies
  41. Finish the DIY I started in our place
  42. Deal with all the crap lying around
  43. Go to Raw Canvas
  44. Sort out my finances
  45. Learn to code

You’ll notice I haven’t quite reached 101 things yet. And some of those things may seem kind of odd/small/huge/fuzzy. Along the way, I’ll be adding to the list, explaining why and how I’m going to try to achieve these things and give progress updates.

And if you’re wondering when my deadline is, 1,001 days from now is May 21, 2018 – better get going!

I want your feedback. Any thoughts, reaction, advice… Let me know in the comments below!

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